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XGIMI Horizon Pro – Fill Your Horizon with Greatness

Meet Horizon Series, the most versatile and easiest to use home projector from XGIMI. Horizon packs premium features into an intuitive and powerful package. Take all the work out of finding the perfect picture; just turn on Horizon in any room and reshape your cinema experience in seconds, right out of the box. Get more immersive anywhere you choose with industry-leading picture quality, intelligent imaging features, and Hi-Fi sound from Harman Kardon. No more limits, no more hassle.

导演 Alexis Odiowei


Top Boy Creative 将改名为 Vantage Pictures了!但请放心,我们依然是同一家公司、同一个创意和制作团队,只是把工作室的名称更改而已。

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