Say hello to our global team of marketing creatives

Tapping into cross-cultural markets isn't easy... Content that's tailored to Asian audiences can be difficult to translate in the US, Europe and elsewhere. So we've built an international network of filmmakers and marketing specialists who provide you with a variety of approaches to fit your project and target market.

Alexis Odiowei, Managing Director at Top Boy Creative

Alexis Odiowei

Managing Director

Paul Moore, Creative Director at Top Boy Creative

Paul Moore

Creative Director

Zacharia Lorenz, Head of Marketing at Top Boy Creative

Zacharia Lorenz

Marketing Director

James Duong, Executive Producer at Top Boy Creative

James Duong

Executive Producer

Martin Buzora, Commercial Director at Top Boy Creative

Martin Buzora


Benjamin Villataspaisarn, VFX Director at Top Boy Creative

Benjamin V.

VFX Director

Chris Skipper, Music Composer at Top Boy Creative

Chris Skipper

Music Composer

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